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Our own under armour shirts

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Guest BaRmY OwLs

I would buy one of those as i play sunday league.

I have the adidas telstar 2 blue and white boots they look quality i only bought them beacuse they enabled me to show my teams colours while i was playing! Why not get some of these in the superstore along with a boot room!

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I'd buy one, our own players could wear them too.

...I'm thinking blue chest with white arms or vice versa?

The Club badge would need to be on the neck part I suppose.

Can't see them doing it though :(

FA Rules state that the under shirt colour must be the same as the shirt it's worn underneath (just read that back and I think I've had a drink...!)

So basically, if you play in a blue kit, you need a blue top.

Obviously this is if you've got a short sleeved top on with the arms showing.

But if Wednesday players were to wear 'em, they'd have to be plain blue like the sleeves I do believe.

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That's why I thought we could get away with the chest and arms being different colours, as you would not see the chest part anyway (and when purchased by fans they would feel abit more 'Wednesdayish').

However, I accept what you say to be the truth and thank you for your drunken research :cool:

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All the club needs to do is sell blue and white sports wear, whether i be shorts tshirts trainers football boots, footballs anything to do with football or any other sport that is in blue and white should be sold in the club shop

I think Lotto would have something to say if we started selling their rivals clobber in our club shop.

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