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Derby ticket for sale

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Guest steve66

I now can't make the game on Saturday so need to sell my Derby ticket - I know it hasn't sold out yet but I only want £20 for it, and its face value is £28.

Just take it back to the ticket office m8 and get a full refund
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Unfortunately I can't get to the ticket office any time this week so thats why I'm having to sell it instead.

There's no chance I'm going to ring up ticketmaster and try to explain the situation either!

i'd have it off you unfortunatly i live in uttoxeter!!!

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I'll give you £15 for it. If no other offers come in it's better than nowt.

I don't really fancy the Derby match on my own anyway, but for that price I'll have a drive down.

Yeah I guess thats fair enough - can you pay by paypal? If so send it to bentheowl85@hotmail.co.uk and I'll post it out to you today. Just PM me your address....

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