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Charge for telephone booking

Guest jimb

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I bought 3 x £25 Crystal Palace tickets and 1 x £20 Barnsley ticket on the phone. Total cost £95. Then they add £7.54 ticket/booking fee!!!!!!!

That's 8%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(well, 7.98%).

How in the name of Greek buggery is that even frickin legal???????

Note to SWFC: Stop ripping off the few customers you have left you bunch of cvntsacks. And before anyone says 'it's not SWFC, it's an agency' - Bullshit.

If SWFC choose to outsource the selling of tickets to their own supporters then they are responsible for making sure those supporters get a good deal.

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Our Ticket Office and Customer Service are a fookin' shambles.

Ticketmasterbaters are well... you know... Nob-cheese of the most smelly order!


Note to SWFC:

Some of us want to buy tickets from our own club, from people who know what they are talking about and who sound just a little bit interested...!


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