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Owls Mastercard - Season Ticket Interest Free Period


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Below is a letter I'm sending to Sygma Bank today which is self explanatory.

Basically the club are telling me I should qualify for the interest free period and Sygma Bank are telling me I should not! I was advised by Julie in the ticket office today that her staff have been telling all customers that internet sales DO qualify for the promotion.

Has anyone had a similar problem and if so could you let me know how it was resolved.

This seems completely unfair to me and another example of the total disregard as to how fans are treated.

Dear Sirs

I am writing concerning the purchase of my Sheffield Wednesday Season Ticket using the Owls Mastercard and the interest-free period offered until January 2009.

For each of the last two seasons I have purchased my season ticket using my Owls Mastercard in order to take advantage of the interest free period on offer. Due to living in London I have completed this via the internet on both occasions.

Prior to completing this for season 08/09 I telephoned the Owls Ticket Office to check that, as with previous years, internet sales would qualify for the promotion. I was advised that they would.

I duly purchased my ticket on that basis, however I began to receive statements with interest added and phoned your company to query the reason why. On two occasions I was advised that it was an error and that the transaction code would be changed to qualify for the interest free period. I was also advised that the interest charge (£17.21 as at today’s date) would be refunded.

Today I called your office for a third time to check that this had been completed. This time I was advised that I was not due a refund and that only personal applications to the Owls Ticket Office qualified for the promotion. This, as you can imagine, angered me as I had been told on two previous occasions by staff in your office that the issue would be resolved in my favour.

Following the call to your offices today I spoke with Julie, Supervisor at the Owls Ticket Office. She advised me that the marketing material sent out by the club made no mention of the fact that the application had to be made in person to the ticket office. She went on to say that her staff have been advising all customers that internet sales DO qualify for this promotion.

This situation I find unacceptable. The club are advising me that I qualify for the interest free period, as I did last year despite completing the application via the internet, whilst yourselves are advising me that I do not. I fail to see how you can charge interest when the club are stating that their marketing material makes no mention of the requirement to purchase the ticket in person.

I would be grateful if you could investigate this matter and contact me with your comments

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