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Basic Hygene at SWFC

Guest jimb

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Yesterday in the Grandstand i bought chips. I asked for salt and was directed to a polystyrene tray (for putting chips in) on the counter which had salt in it.

Apparently i was supposed to 'dip my fingers in, get a pinch of salt and put it on my chips'.

(UN?)Fortunately i had been for a pi$$ only minutes earlier and it's amazing how many blokes don't wash their hands after taking a pi$$. Then go buy chips

and dip their fingers in that salt.

Absolutely disgusting. To be fair to the more mature lady behind the counter, she agreed completely and was unhappy with the situation.

Anyone know who i should complain to?

Wouldn't it be down to the catering company to provide salt shakers. I would say the club needs to know but wouldn't say its the clubs fault.
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Guest davet30

In the bigger scheme of things, who the feck eats or drinks any of the poo that masquerades as food and drink inside ANY football stadium?

I'd rather feckin' starve!

You can't beat a balti pie mate :biggrin:

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Guest Tonto Salchicha

but what if it's a gay man?


Then the stadium should be closed untill all areas have been bleached.
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