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Young Un's and Tickets

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Thinking about taking the Little un to his first game this weekend. He's 3 years old and desperate to go.

Anyway can you still lift em over the turnstile on the day of the game or do I have to pay 12 to 15 quid for a ticket.

Just seems like a lot of money when he might lose interest in 20 minutes and even then will have made 3 trips to the bog in that time?

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Guest christheowl

I dont get this either

I know some people on here in the past have said you can lift them over the turn style.

Knowing our club they will charge you full price unless hes got I.D

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If you ring the club and explain you have a under 4 and you want to bring him to his 1st game to see if he is ok, they will give you a free ticket............but for future home games you will have to join junior owls or barny owls (wotever its called), if you join young un in that then you can get a ticket for all home games free.

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