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Form table from last 10

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I think if Stoke go down I’d be smiling all summer. 

We do play them after Easter….if Carlsberg did football endings…. 

Schumacher looks unwell at Stoke.  He has inherited an overpaid team of lobbers and back room staff that had no idea who to recruit and spent all January recruiting wingers to a team in desperate need of defenders.    Rumours of fights at training last week and players showing up late on purpose to challenge his authority. 

His mistake was thinking the culture at Argyle was the same everywhere.  He would have kept his job even if we had gotten relegated.  (Him and Lowe were given new contracts and a promise to kick out the dickheads when we lost 8 in a row in League 1 in the Covid season). 

He may not last the season at Stoke…

Now football is a funny old game… know anyone that might need promoting from League 1 next year with attacking football a must?

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4 hours ago, oh_weds_we_love_you said:


We are, but they all still have a healthy lead over us.


Birmingham will at least match our points total between now and the end of the season, almost certain about that. They were good before Rooney, and now they have a decent manager again. They also have a game in hand.

Stoke are in freefall and they (as well as Blackburn) are the ones I said I think will get pulled into it a few weeks back. Unfortunately, we need to pass two teams!

I think Millwall are already too far away (as are Blackburn now). The only chance, IMO, of dragging them in is winning at The Den week. Given our away form, I'm not too confident.


The Birmingham result has given us a little hope again, but with QPR and Huddersfield picking up, Birmingham's manager change, and our short-comings in central midfield, I just don't see the escape being pulled off.

That's how I see it as well. Unfortunately I just don't think there are enough games for us. We need 2 games just to even catch up the closest teams and hope they can't match our points haul. 


Just can't see it happening unfortunately 

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8 minutes ago, smhouston said:

Yeah, Birmingham win 🙄🙄🙄🙄 we're screwed


Not really, Blackburn are absolutely terrible, it's not like Birmingham are in fine form either, just 2 very poor teams playing each other and one nicked a win. They are both in a relegation fight on current form, which is worse than ours over the past 10 games.

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On 12/02/2024 at 10:56, The Dukeries Owl said:

Reality check..............................to survive we need play-off form not lower mid table form.

Stats are before Leicester I assume. Recent record over 10 will now look worse.


Six of them were home games.


Who were there four wins against? Birmingham where we know they were all over us first half hour but could not score, despite a great win in the end,

 QPR against the run of play thanks to a wonderful late equalising goal from Cadamarteri,

Hull with 10 men,

great win at PNE but hanging on for dear life and they hit the bar late on, .

Not encouraging but some hope there. 

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