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This is Sheffield Wednesday. Sign £30k per week stiker on loan on 31/1/24 (obviously to save 4 weeks wages). Player goes down injured in the fist minute of his first game and is out for the rest of the season.


It's the Wednesday way. If it does happen we might find out if the golden elephants can float. lol

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53 minutes ago, owlinexile said:

Chansiri realises we might get relegated long after the point when he can realistically do anything about it.

We aren't getting relegated 

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24 minutes ago, Maddogbob said:

"If people support me and buy early bird tickets, I can fund a striker"



I can be funded for a lot less than you think :ph34r:


As long as I have wine and pork scratchings, quite happy.





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53 minutes ago, nickswfc said:

I'm expecting him to spend in January. 


Think he'll assess it vs what he'd lose if we went down.

The man is all over the place.


Part of why he's so crap.


Let's his heart/emotions rule every single time. One week he's done with it, the next he wants to spend in January.


Can't operate a football club like that.

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1 hour ago, LJM Owl said:

Nothings changed with our finances.


We’re in a good position financially overall, we just have cash flow issues at times.


The £2m per month Chansiri bangs on about is for cash flow, to pay wages etc etc, but eventually the cash flow corrects itself and we overall don’t lose that much.


Unless we have some wild promotion clauses in contracts for people who were here last season, I can almost certainly guarantee we’re making one of the lowest losses (if we even are losing money after Chansiri dodgy rent charges) of any championship club.

How do you know this ????

A good position???

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