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6 games left in December. How many Points do you think we will get guys?

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5/6 points return out of 18 points won't be good enough.


We have to hope we can get 8-10 points minimum.

Ideally 20+ points going into January as a minimum?

Then there are 63 points left to fight for (we need 50% of those points say)

+ with changes by Danny in January?

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I think we aim to get 3 points a week, in weeks we have 2 games try and win the saturday game and view the midweek game as a bonus.


if we can get to 20 points come January i think that should put us in touching distant of a lot of teams.


there are 7 teams within 3 points of Huddersfield, we need to go on a run, but we could hit a patch of form and eat into the gap quickly with 6 games in 21 days.

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I'd say 5, a win and 2 draws for me


We aren't suddenly gonna cut out mistakes completely and our away games won't be easy


The above is if I put a bet on to win


Hoping we get 8, or more, but as good as Blackburn game was, we could perform more like the Millwall game too, as that wasn't that long ago

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