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6 games left in December. How many Points do you think we will get guys?

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21 games left from January - early May 2024

63 points up for grabs


As I type....we have 10 points.

6 games in December first.

Then another 21 games.

So 27 games left this season.


Could we pick up 40 more points from 27 games guys?


That is the Question?



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One game at a time. The target remains IMO to get the gap down to 7 points or so by January 1st. If we do better than that then fantastic. Though it would be nice to drag Stoke and Norwich into the relegation battle.

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5 minutes ago, New Zealand Owls said:

Said a while back that somehow we need to get to around 20 points before the turn of the year. However 10 points from those 6 still looks like a tall order.


Theres 4 away games in there so 8 points would be a good haul 

Stoke & Preston are both winnable away games.  Preston especially are in free fall form wise. Stoke very hot and cold.

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