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Best battering ram Centre forward we've had

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18 minutes ago, Basement Jack said:

Tony Cunningham


Oddly enough Deon Burton

Deon Burton is the best striker we’ve had in 20 years in terms of playing with his back to goal.

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1 hour ago, victorturner said:

Went through defences like a knife assisted by through balls from Waddle. Were Hirst and Bright as valuable as him at the time he emerged? Don’t think so. 

Errr, yes. Big fan of Warhurst but Hirst and Bright were infinitely better players. In that 92-93 season both got 11 goals vs Warhursts 6, and Hirst missed a huge chunk of the season….. 


Wednesdays whole build up went through Bright. Ball up to Bright, chest trap, roll it wide to Waddle on the wing, Waddle does his thing, ball in, goal. Rinse and repeat. 

Also, peak Hirst vs peak Warhurst isn’t even a conversation. Hirsty could do everything Warhurst could and more, turned up to 11. 

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