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1 minute ago, jonnyowl said:

Simple now, either support protests against Chansiri and let it be known that he's not wanted anymore or don't bother turning up at Hillsborough.


If you still support Chansiri or won't back protests you're just as much as the problem as Chansiri.

Falling on deaf ears mate with a lot of our fans.


When it comes to season ticket renewals they’ll say it’s a way of life, it’s in their blood, they’ve been going for decades, etc, etc.


They just cannot see the bigger picture and how in the long term they are actually hurting the club they love.


It’s all of the above for me, a way of life, a day with mates, in my blood and I’ve been going for decades but I’m prepared to give all that up it means that much to me.


I hate that it’s come to this but there’s nothing else us as fans can do.

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Just now, NobbyStyle said:

If I was the potential buyer dealing with this man child, I would be talking to HMRC & other creditors along with the loan companies who essentially hold the keys to the ground.

good luck talking the to the tax man .......

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3 minutes ago, StudentOwl said:


Nope, just check. Potentially huge counter-attacking opportunity for the opposites.

He can come out and say no proof of funding etc.


Not saying be would be telling the truth, but that's not stopped him in the past.

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Of course, he's going ask for more than what he's been offered he wants to cut his losses to as little as possible, so it's a good opening gambit, hopefully, this is just the opening of the discussions and as time goes on he will come closer to the offer on the table.


Come on DC you have had a good run of it, time to give it up.




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