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1867 Statement

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1 minute ago, folger said:

Proof or GTFO. Seriously, you can't just claim to be ITK over something this big and except do be believed. A fan group is just that. Fans. Not board members of which we have none or potential owners.

This is a batsh*t approach, even if it's legit they obviously cannot and will not offer proof. 


You can choose not to believe them, but the repercussions for them just making this up would be huge. At the very least you have to concede they believe it to all be true... even if the party that have told them this are ultimately talking baloney. 

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1 minute ago, kirksandallowl said:

I’m confused, first they say he’s flown in to meet the consortium as part of ongoing negotiations to sell the club then say he is not engaging with them, so which is it?

I thought exactly the same when I read that bit.

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