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Give him time now.

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4 minutes ago, Notts Owl said:

We have to give Xisco time now on that showing.

1. 10 minutes to pack his bag. 
2. 5 minutes to find his car, if it’s not parked out of position.

3. 15 minutes to put Chansiri and Paxo in the boot.

4. So 30 minutes to fizz off should be ample.

Chansiri's ego and stuffing balls wouldn't fit in boot 

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Some really poor passing and decision making by our players at the end though


I don't care how bad Disco is, as a coach and a decision making himself, you can't coach that level of poor decision making by some of our players


That pass at the end to Bannan across our own area. Grade A Horse #### of a decision



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1 minute ago, Lucas Joao's Tooth said:

Completely agree however Bakinson on the LW? 

Playing Gregory LW

Famewo LB

Delgado LB


Have zero confidence in getting any decent manager in however Xisco's decisions are really baffling.



Replace any manager you want

The problem will still remain at the club

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Owlstalk Shop




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Xisco probably isn’t even in the top three problems at the club.


However, if we want even the slightest chance of averting another round of away days at Burton, Stevenage and the like, we need to be on the blower to Lamouchi or heaven forfend even Warnock. 

It’s an entirely short-term fix, we can’t aspire to anything better until DC is gone, but I bloody hate being in League One and under Xisco that’s exactly where the team is headed.

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