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Who Could Replace Munoz…


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…who is good enough and realistic?

If Moore was apparently told a few times by DC that he wasn’t happy with performances, then I expect Munoz will have been and may be on borrowed time. 


Thinking about DCs type of manager - he will only go for free (out of contract) managers, he has unrealistic expectations (which will turn managers away) and has recently released statements about the previous manager (so will also put many off). He will have also interviewed many of the managers as part of the Munoz recruitment (and declined them) who would no doubt come up on the shortlist again. 

So who realistically would take the job and would be good enough in your opinion? 


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Anyone. I honestly, really do not care at this point.


Muñoz isn't good enough, that much is obvious, and he needs to go before we start falling further away from 21st. The next appointment cannot do any worse, so it's worth a try.

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I think we really do need to be realistic. Not a manager who did OK in PL and got a championship team stable but is on £££ as it is not going to happen. 


Xisco is here for a reason - he's cheap. The next one will be cheap. It's not Dean Smith or similar. It will be someone who once did something and is a cheap option. 



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1 minute ago, Django said:

Chansiri will try to bring Carlos back when Munoz goes in a couple of week 

I think this is most likely.  
I liked Carlos but don’t think he’s right to return. 
however he might be the only one who could work with Chansiri now


Either way we are going down with Chansiri as owner.  Just have to hope that a second relegation to league 1 finally gives Chansiri the clue that he’s useless and needs to sell up 

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