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1 minute ago, areNOTwhatTHEYseem said:




We somehow managed two years of relative calm under Moore, but now normal service had resumed.


It's f*cking excruciating.

The high of Peterborough and Wembley is now a comedown the likes of which I haven't experienced since the early Gatecrasher nights at The Arches. 

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18 minutes ago, andypandy said:

The club seems to be in the news for all the wrong reasons !

This ^ it’s just all negative since Wembley. 

And I keep harping on about it but when we had the fans forum in the summer I was hoping to hear about positive things for the club. But Chansiri spent 4 hours just talking about negative things, not one thing fans could be excited about.  

He won’t realise it but he’s the one creating all the negativity at this club. 

He is very much a negative Nancy and it’s time for him to leave 

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