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Book your place in Dooleys Restaurant

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1 minute ago, Kopparberg said:


No prices listed 


Please contact commercial@swfc.co.uk to book or for further information on our Dooleys Restaurant packages.


4 different categories, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Gold+  


The prices are listed on the link you sent?lol

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1 minute ago, Kopparberg said:

I’m on my phone so I only saw 







Without scrolling sideways 


I presumed it was just the club keeping the actual prices from us. 



What do we think of these prices? any good?


Look extortionate to me - but then I think a Freddo is overpriced now - so I'm now really their target audience. lol

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Middlesborough on a Tuesday night is Silver and not Bronze. Is it because they are our "Yorkshire rivals"? Perhaps same could be asked about Huddersfield, which is Gold.

Unlike the Rotherham match (Gold+ to watch two rubbish sides), I can't imagine there's that much demand from Huddersfield and Middlesborough, who also happen to be rubbish this season.

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