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It's shìt or bust time

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Just now, matthefish2002 said:

I think you are going to be disappointed.

If Wednesday did bring in a expensive striker or 2 now it would smack of a Franny Jeffers type panic buy.


I'd take a Franny Jeffers type panic buy now 😆.


When you're on the bones of your arse, the only way is up and that's where we are right now. We are becoming a laughing stock.

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11 minutes ago, lanzaroteowl said:


If we don't get a decent forward  preferably two by Saturday we'll be down before the trimmings.

Get some decent money spent.

Yes need a centre forward and a centre mid at least.  


Saturday isn't really that important but the back to back home games after the international break are crucial.  By then we must be seeing a vast improvement and need 4 points from those two games to kick start the season 

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Too late now - if a good striker for Championship level is available now he's going to move elsewhere, not to the club mired at the bottom of the table.


We knew we needed a quality striker in the summer and should have made it a priority then - but we brought in Ashley Fletcher :duntmatter:

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Yep we need 2-3 decent signings in the next few days.   Things haven't gone to plan and i've said Chansiri needs to take a risk and spend money on transfer fees with some good players.   Players that will help us improve on the pitch and that will at least retain their value so we could sell them next summer if we need to get back within FFP.  We really need to sign a couple of players like Forestieri and Hooper back in the day,  to elevate our side.  Whether thats permanent or loans 




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Best thing that can happen before COP tomorrow is not signing any more crap and the Chairman announcing that he's done, and putting us up for auction to the highest bidder (with no reserve).


That would be true cause for celebration (and possibly the only thing that will save us from relegation with a record low points tally)



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