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Own the Pitch

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30000 cardiac arrests each year with 3000 deaths.


This is a good initiative by the club - especially the way we play - the away game at FGR and the playoff home semi final are cases in point….


However, I can’t help but wonder how many Bibby barges or PPE frauds would cover enough defibs across the nation?

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Goes on sale at half time at the Preston game


That should be fun......hope they have people walking round physically selling them because they obviously have no idea what chance there is of buying on line at that time!

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7 hours ago, asteener1867 said:

This could be the vstart of a very very slow method of buying the ground back

"Own a floodlight"

"Buy a seat in the "Cheesy triangle"

""Purchase the "P" in Presto...




10 quid if someone trumps in your digital seat, £1000 jackpot for you if they get ******** off?

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Great that some of the proceeds will go to charity but, as this is in association with a private limited company, some of the money will go to them I assume.


Hope the club are transparent about what goes where. There is no indication that they won't be just hope they are.

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