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Midfield without Bannan

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7 hours ago, adelphi1867 said:

Fizz hasn't been at the game for his last few appearances, I thought with BB being injured for the last few games, this would be his chance to break through and take control of games, saddly it seem's that it isn't.

He was a luxury player last night, walking around looking lost.

Maybe he has had his head turned, but he is not the same player we saw at the beginning of the season.


That sums up the whole of Dele-Bashiru's career with us, when he doesn't have the ball, he has absolutely no clue what to do. Most of the time he has the ball he has no clue what to do, other than run and sometimes smash it really hard.

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13 minutes ago, frastheowl said:


Vaulks - Byers



...for me.


Byers is the most similar to fulfil Bannan's role. Vaulks did very well last night, and probably needs a good run of games to get himself in form.


And FDB showed last night how valuable he is, in terms of linking play and initiating the high press...not to mention his ridiculous strength and technical ability.


Windass has been woeful since September, and unlike FDB, if he's contributing nothing in terms of goals/assists, he offers very little to the side.


Of course, this is dependent upon FDB been with us come January. Great opportunity for him to get a good run of games under his belt though.



Must have missed the FDB bit 

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Right balance and work ethic.

Windass as an option and Bakinson,I hate to say it but FDB is out of the picture at the moment, wish he wasn't,been really disappointed with him.Need a signing for playmaker to replace Bannan  the wee man can't go on forever,be interesting to see how we cope without him.

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