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This would have caused a pitch invasion. If only……

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Towards the end of the game Des Walker was in the area with a chance to win the game but sadly not to be. Could you just have imagined the scenes if the legend had tucked that away? Would have probably been a pitch invasion with a 5,000 man pile on with Des at the bottom. If only.


On a side note what was he doing there in the first place? I thought Des never went past the half way line.



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On 22/12/2022 at 02:17, Emerson Thome said:

I remember him trying to shoot and falling over, but in my mind it was at the end of a brilliant 60 yard run up the pitch, not from the goalie fumbling the ball out.


Des with a 60 yard run and goal in the last minute. That's what dreams are made of.


Merry Christmas

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Don't think I've ever actually proper celebrated a goal in a friendly, other than for the novelty of seeing Des Walker score a goal in Hirsty's testimonial. He came on as sub (he was still playing for the club, think it was the day after a league game) and played up front.

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