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McBurnie in court today


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1 hour ago, Kopparberg said:

Not surprised after reading the article yesterday. 

Don’t think the Court liked how the ‘victim’ came across at all. 

The texts he sent didn't help at all

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After the video footage went viral, the court heard he made a report to the police in the early hours of 19 May.

He said he had suffered bruising to his leg but had not taken pictures of any injuries.

Under cross-examination by defence counsel Lisa Judge, Mr Brinkley discussed a message he had sent Mr McBurnie on Instagram after the match, where he called the player a "scumbag" and said: "Karma will come your way. I wish death on you and your family."

Mr Brinkley denied there was "any malice" in his message and said he wanted the player to know how the incident had made him feel.





A further exchange with a Sheffield United supporter in which the complainant said it was "all about my pay-out" was also raised, which Mr Brinkley said was "just a joke".

Ms Judge told him it indicated "this made-up fantasy has been brought about as a result of your desire to get compensation", but Mr Brinkley said he was seeking "justice".

"The guy who headbutted Billy Sharp [the Sheffield United captain who was assaulted after the match] was in prison two days later," he said.

"That person's in prison, but Oli McBurnie's not in prison because he's got money - pathetic."



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Even though he plays for that lot, it was ridiculous for that to get to court.


It was mayhem, with idiotic fans going for the players. The fan was went down on the ground and from the video it looked like McBurnie who was wearing a protective leg brace, jumped to get out of the way.


What a waste of money. The court case and McBurnie.

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