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Best strongest team this season or last

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Our issue has nothing to do with the strikers.


It's our midfield.


We are at out best with 2 midfielders from Byers, Vaulkes, Bakinson or Adeniran with Bannan in front.


Playing a 3 man midfield with Bannan and one of Windass, Mighten or FDB is like playing a 1 man midfield at times.


We have Bannan to roam around, what we need are 2 solid players to cover the gaps and get the ball, not another roamer leaving gaps everywhere.


Let Bannan get behind the strikers again and Windass, Smith and Gregory will shine, getting on the end of opportunities created from the little through balls that we've missed recently since he's had to go deep.


DM has tried to go more attacking with more attacking players on the pitch but it's had the opposite effect as Bannan now has to be more defensive to compensate.

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