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No Leaders

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Sat in the pub opposite the ground having our usual post match inquest………… The overwhelming conclusion was that when we lost Bazza we had absolutely no leadership on the pitch……. Everyone retreated into their shell looking around for someone on the pitch to organise them …….. Not until Paterson came on screaming instructions did we look anything like ……….. If Bazza has a hamstring problem it could easily be 6 weeks out …….. We desperately need a Harlee Dean type character on the pitch sharpish!!!

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2 minutes ago, soldierboyblue said:

We need to try and understand also how we want to play far too many times the past 2 games we have just thrown the ball up to Smith and not tried building.


Bannan is a big loss from a direction of play but also from a pure leadership role. I would expect far more from players like Windass and Bakinson

Windass nowhere near match fit Greg  ……. Bakinson, Dele, Palmer, Johnson & Iorfa totally Hid ………… Paterson has his faults but he grabbed hold of them by the scruff of their necks & led by example!

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