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Accrington Stanley vs SWFC income breakdown

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2 hours ago, edinburghowl said:

It makes you wonder how teams like that survive.


They survive through support from their owner, just as we do.  I googled the accounts...  they just list their debts and assets and don't give income and expenditure for the year (I didnt know you could do that), but they say "The company continues on a going concern basis due to the financial support provided by companies, principally What More UK Limited, under the control of it's ulitmate controlling party Mr A M Holt."

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8 hours ago, wilfsmith said:

You seem totally convinced that players are paid too much so please can you tell us what the average salary of a player at Accrington Stanley is. 

I don’t know. How could I?


How does that change my argument? You don’t need to know specifics of every club to know that as an industry, which sees almost every club saddled with debt, and attendances higher than 30 years ago, the problem isn’t money coming in; it’s the money going out. 

Stanley players won’t be millionaires, but ultimately they’ll be on far more than the national average wage and far more than almost all fans who attend. 

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