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SWFC - The rest of the year

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Pull a big fish to Holy Hillsborough after beating Mardy Mansfield.

Put the smak smak on Dirty Derby, Easy Exeter, Obscure Oxford, Flippant Fleetwood, and Peepee Vegetables Port Vale.

Wednesday Wonderland, happy new year.



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14 hours ago, @owlstalk said:

I reckon we'll have a two match wobble vs Derby and Exeter and then do great in the others


Hopefully not as that will just repeat the overall pattern of the season so far.......beat bottom half teams , struggle against top half teams...............want to see our results against top half teams improve.

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At the moment it looks like a 3 horse race for the top two spots, but we saw Plymouth go from the top of the table to slide outside of the playoff places by the end of the year and at one point we looked like we were way out of contention of the playoff's only to have an amazing second half of the season..


We have put ourselves in a great position but there is still a lot of work to do, we have had some easier games of late, I think with some of the more difficult games coming up we will obviously slip up and hopefully we will also get some good results..


Out of those fixtures Derby away looks like a difficult prospect, their form at home has been pretty good, we seem to be struggling with goals but we seem solid at the back so I really think it could go either way..  Hopefully our luck and quality can prevail..

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