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Bus from Rotherham

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1 hour ago, Lincs Owl said:

Supertram runs from the centre of Rotherham directly to Sheffield cathedral.  Service every 30 minutes.  Then jump on a middlewood tram.  Easy peasy. £2 a ticket each way I think.  


It takes 3 weeks and you’ll be sat next to a bearded women that smells of dog biscuits, but apart from that it’s a transportation dream. 

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1 hour ago, Rsy2017 said:

Normally go to hillsboro in the van but broke down at 2am this morning is there space on the Rotherham owls bus ? Does it pick up from the drawbrige ? What time  how much is it many thanks wawaw

We leave Silverwood minors welfare aka Bagin at Dalton about 2 o'clock and do pick up at Drawbridge. 

Usually pretty full for Saturday games though they should be a few seats available. 

Price is £7, pay when you get on. 


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Sergio? Didn't realise he went to Rotherham. Not good enough then, probably still not good enough. Move on.














































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