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Which players are under performing being honest?

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17 hours ago, torryowl said:

iorfa struggled but seems to be coming up to speed recently and johnson hasnt been as effective as last season but still been adequate ........havnt been overly impressed with mighten and wilks but whether they are under performing i couldnt say coz i aint seen them play before .  hunts been poorly and hardly played so i'll cut him some slack ....the rest i'm happy with . 

Sounds about right.

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4 hours ago, HopefulOwl said:

We are 3rd in the league and 1pt behind second place....  and within reach of top..................


Why on earth would anyone start a post about who's underperforming..........   

 By the same token, why would a sizeable minority on this forum start

ejaculating when we don’t win and want the manager to be sacked?


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1 hour ago, DSandersonOWL said:

From many posters' comments it is clear that Stockdale is under performing being honest, especially when we are running down time. 

Harsh mate.


He’s clearly got a severe medical issue which affects him 75 minutes into matches where we are winning.

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I think both Gregory and Smith would expect to have more than 4 goals at this stage of the season, although their all round play hasn't been disappointing, things just haven't clicked for them in front of goal.


If you had asked them to set a target by this stage of the season I think they would have both expected to have at least 7 goals. But I do see them perhaps scoring in a flurry at some point in the season and both getting to double figures.

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