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Ineffectiveness on Corners

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Bannans corners have improved but there still not very good.

He used to hit the first man a lot but now seems to float them in all the time.


Corners that are floated in are much more difficult to score from because you have to try and generate much more power. How many times have we seen our big CBs win headers at the back post but not score. 

For me Windass and Byers should be on corner duty. Bannan edge of box for any knock downs. 


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Just now, Mike Hunt said:

We mixed it up more last season 

Remember the one that Berahino scored at the near post 

and the short ones Bannan used to receive and then play it back to the taker ?


We are too predictable, every one seems to be the same 

I don't know. We seem to be mixing it up a lot more this season.


Whipped front post. (Windass,Byers goals)

Floaty back post.

Jayden Brown Special.

Low to Gregory.

Everybody run into the area together.



Last season we scored a few from second balls or it coming back in.

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Guest Jack the Hat

I’ve just started reading a book called soccernomics and the first thing it mentions is a study Man City did on the most effective corners- inswingers or outswingers. Roberto Mancini was asked which and he said outswingers. He’s was wrong it was inswingers - seems obvious to me. That’s what we need to do - whip in inswingers . I love bannan but I think over the years his corners have averaged 4 out of 10 and that’s highballing because I like him. How difficult can it be to practice. Not only do we have big centre backs but also smith. Missed opportunity.

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Goals from corners are a rarity.

Someone on Reddit wrote an article which concludes that just 1.27% of corners result with a goal. If you think about your own experience watching decades of football it adds up. We get excited (or scared) of corners, but rarely does anything come of them.

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Guest Willow Owl
47 minutes ago, Tewkesbury said:

Looking at this, Bazza has taken less than a third of our corners this season.


Maybe he should be taking more?


That’s got to be crosses surely ?


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In the league the corners breakdown is this so far this season:


79 - Bannan

12 - Windass

6 - Vaulks

4 - Byers

4 - Johnson

1 - Palmer

1 - Dele-Bashiru

1 - Gregory

1 - Mighten


So I think Windass/Byers/Vaulks have tried a few right-footed inswingers, but agree we should try this more often.

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16 hours ago, paulrs said:


I think you're right about last season. And it is strange.


We've got the same manager/tactics and same corner taker, and have replaced the likes of Hutchinson, Storey and Berahino with Heneghan, McGuiness and Smith so you'd think we'd be even stronger. 


Although I can't find any stats anywhere to back any of this up!

Yeah, it's a weird one - but on the flipside it must mean we are scoring more goals in open play. 

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17 hours ago, lukeyswfc said:

I don’t think it matters who takes them. We just stand in there waiting rather than attacking it.


Weve not been good at set plays for a few years now. From the outside it appears we don’t put much effort into then which is a shame.

We were top, or amongst the top in goals from Corners last season, that doesn't suggest we have been poor from Set-Pieces for years, and we have the same guy taking the majority of the Set-Pieces as we did last season.

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