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Five subs rule

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A lot were saying that this would make a big difference with us and our depth of squad but Moore has barely utilised it. Just 3 or 4 games where he has used all five subs. A lot of the time he has just used 3 like last season. Most other managers seem to be taking advantage of 5 subs. I suppose proof is in the results but there have been games that we haven't won where our bench being more used could have made a difference.

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6 hours ago, Etchesketch said:

Just looking for ways we could have been first or second. Fine margins.


There's a tendency to assume that whenever we drop points, an alternative course of action would have led to a better outcome.


We drew and Moore only used three subs? We'd have won if he'd used all 5. 


We'll never know of course, but it's rarely going to be that straightforward when we're dealing with a sport as complex as football.


Having said that, the most likely example I can think of from this season involves substitutions I wish we hadn't made: keep Windass and Bannan on the pitch against Plymouth, and it didn't look like we were on for a loss.

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