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Will Vaulks

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3 hours ago, Emerson Thome said:

Possibly the weakest squad at the World Cup. Nice for Bale, Ramsey, Allen et al to get to play in a World Cup, but I think they would have given a much better account of themselves 4 or 8 years ago when they were actually still good footballers.

They ain't qualifying for another major tournament for a long time after this.


Nearly all their best players are the wrong side of 30.

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13 hours ago, room0035 said:

Some strange picks a kid from Scotland who has barely played, Joe Allen whose been out injured for two months but no Vaulks. Chris Gunter and William playing in league two. 


their loss is our gain.


Thought Grunter was still at Forest? Turns out he left there 10 years ago 🤣

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