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More on United youngster who's turned up at Wednesday

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The rest of Heckingbottom's comments from the Examiner.


Heckingbottom is keen to ensure the club still benefits financially at some stage down the line having played a part in his development.


"It's up to us what we do. We could let him go on a free, we could keep him here and release him at the end of his contract. We could keep him here, offer him a new deal to protect any interest we've got. There's lots of things still to do".



"Imagine you're one of our players and you want to go, there's a conversation maybe about a minimal fee and a big sell-on or a fee now and a sell on... there's all those negotiations to have".


"Some of the best things I've done have been free transfers with big sell-ons and you can't lose. You know you can't get the value in the player and he's not going to get the opportunity to thrive where you are, so he's going to go and you get no money".


"So you may as well let someone have that opportunity. They do the work and provide that shop window, then brilliant as that's money you normally wouldn't have got. But that's up to someone else to negotiate and see."


I would imagine if we wanted him there would be a small fee similar to what we received for Shaw. Plus it sounds like they would want a big sell on fee clause, like Man. City have for FDB.


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