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Plymouth v Exeter

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I’ve seen all 9 of their home league games so far and they’ve won them all. The strange thing is, only one of those games has been a comfortable result, 

3-0 v Accrington. 

They could have lost at least 3 of them Wednesday, Shrewsbury and Exeter and drawn one or two others. The thing is, teams have to take their chances against them and defend solidly for 90 plus minutes, because Plymouth usually come strong towards the end. 

They are nothing over-special and I think their fans realise it apart from the tints. What they are is well organised, fit, fully committed and well supported. They probably have two players who would get into the Wednesday starting 11 - Cooper and Mumba. 

They will have a blip and we need to take advantage of it. I certainly hope our players aren’t bigging them up as much as some of our supporters are. 

I think we will be above them come the end of February. 

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There is quite a bit of evidence that Plymouth might be overachieving by quite a distance at the moment. From their own fans assessments, and they are 6th on Xg etc.


If you look at Ipswich they are top scorers but their players are massively overperforming judging by previous seasons scoring records.


We have weaknesses too and for all of us whats happened in the first 16 games isnt likely to just be the same for the next 30 games.


So I wouldnt rule out Peterborough, they have goals up front and good squad depth. Theyve also done it recently - this shouldnt be underestimated, they wont havevthe desperation of the current top 3. Rotherham and Wigan used their knowledge of what it takes to go up at the end of last season. 


I think its a four horse race.

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Lets enjoy the ride.


In all honesty I would prefer to go up in the playoffs after a great day at Wembley. but, as that isnt guaranteed let's go up automatically, preferably as Champions.


I think if any of the current top 3 continue with our form of 2ppg they will go up as Champions. Two of the three won't achieve it.



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