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4 minutes ago, Vegan Owl said:

... do fans only want to pick out the negatives?


* Team selection.

I admit, I was baffled by the omission of Byers, but the rest deserved dropping/resting.


* Played poorly.

We didn't credit them with a comfortable win when we weren't at our best. THE SIGN OF A GOOD TEAM.


* Paterson and Iorfa

Two of the targets of the negativity. Both were steady in a team performance that wasn't at it's best.


The fans are just waiting for Moore to fail and even when he doesn't, they aren't happy.


The team selection was brave yesterday, but it worked. So, stop the whinging 






I couldn't care less how we play or what team is selected, or what subs are made if we win.


If we lose that's when I do care.

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