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From Daily Star..how times change.

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1 hour ago, brian joicey said:

go on, you've got me there ....

My bad, apologies. I couldn’t initially get the photo to enlarge and bizarrely thought I saw Mark Crossley - turns out to be a Norwich player 🙄

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13 minutes ago, Daniele Giovanni said:

It's been 30 years, 8 years later we left to slowly drift into oblivion, can any one name all our managers since that launch to the present day? I reckon we've had about 15 managers give or take

Gave everyone all of 5 mins on a game day to answer. Generous of you. Quite the host 

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3 hours ago, Daniele Giovanni said:

Countless caretaker managers too, but I can't remember any apart of Lee Bullen

Didnt Danny Bergara caretaker manage us, i seem to remember him on the coaching staff and taking charge though i may be wrong.

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