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What’s the most embarrassing bit of merchandise the club has tried to flog?

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3 hours ago, Orlando_Trustful said:

Hemmo did a lot to raise the profile of our club. They were widely acknowledged as the best football band around the world. 

It was a great gesture when Milan gave Hemmo a free box for a few seasons. DC should really do the same. 

Hey up John .........

How's things going ?



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3 hours ago, Manwë said:

Would it really cost that much for a statue outside the Kop? 

Sheffield Wednesday have led the way in many ways due to our long and distinguished history, and we will always be synonymous with music to the current generation of fans globally, thanks exclusively to the Band.  

Fag packet maths but I suspect the band have put more bums on seats than any signing we've made in the past 20 years.

Hey up John ....

2 sign ins on O/T ? 

Yer flash bªstard .....


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I seem to remember going to the club shop one day and Harlee Dean was dressed in a big blue and white costume, in the shape of a dishwasher tablet. He was selling his own brand of Dishwasher tablets at the clubs behest, you see. 


He kept shouting "Dean in your machine, to get your dishes clean!" - which I thought was pretty catchy. He didn't get much interest though, which must have been disappointing having come up with such a good slogan and made the effort to put that big costume on. 


I went past later on and he was sat, cross legged, eating a jar of sandwich spread.






Wait. I think I might have dreamt this 🤔

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On 07/08/2022 at 00:24, Since 1971 said:

From the 1994-95 brochure....

Apologies if anyone bought these but WTF....



And just stretching a pun so far it snaps.....


Alas I bought the blue shirt, I'm afraid. But will never admit to buying the shorts. Cos I didn't, no way, you can't prove a thing. 

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