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Atdhe Nuhiu

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Always loved the bloke. Gave everything, and while he was never the best, and shouldn't have started, he was brilliant to bring on with half an hour left against tiring defenders, occupying two of them at least everytime he got the ball, and bullying them.

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He just didnt score enough for me, as a striker he had a return of around 1 goal every 6 games...  He gave us a target and was good at holding the ball but was just not very clinical..  


Might have been a bit of a decent league 1 striker, but that was probably his level.  Was a sign of the struggles we were in he stayed as long as he did..

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The face that this year is the first year we have actually replaced him says a lot


A hugely undervalued part of our squad in recent years. 

I would even go so far to say that we wouldn’t have gone down from the Championship if Nuhiu was part of the squad

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23 hours ago, TheOwlsofDodworth said:


I absolutely loved AN. 


Saw him once on Abbeydale Rd, when i lived at Netheredge





Is there more on this meeting? 

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Wasn't a huge fan of him as a player, want mobile enough for me but we have had a lot worse players.

Was good to have a player who had a bit of rapport with the crowd.

But think this saying legend are going a bit over the top.

Would class a legend as someone who when the 200th year Anniversary comes up and we do another painting they wouldn't look out of place on. Sorry but I really cant see Nuhiu being that much remembered by then.

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