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South Stand bridge at night

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1 hour ago, Basement Jack said:

I get the argument for moving and it’s a reasonable one but for me Hillsborough is home

Its a magical place 

100% agree. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


I’d hate to sell our soul and move to a modem lifeless bowl.


Agree, Hillsborough definitely needs some modernisation and TLC though

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If they demolished the shed which is the club shop, the North stand could be extended outwards to mirror the South stand.  Bit close to some of the Vere Road houses but we used to own the ones at the Leppings Lane end. 

Not sure where we could rebuild the club shop but someone on here will know.  


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Never understand those who would like us to move from Hillsborough. No finer sight than when walking down to our wonderful historic home, night or day. 

Well ok Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls perhaps, but you know what I mean. 

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