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PL Predictions 2022/23

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It’s always fun to look back at the end of the season and see how bad our predictions were. Here goes….

Top 4: Man City, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal


Relegated: Southampton, Fulham, Bournemouth


Outlandish prediction: Crystal Palace to finish top 10


Top scorer: Kane


Best new signing: Gabriel Jesus


Worst new signing: whoever Man U pay over the odds for on the last day of the transfer window 


First manager to be sacked: Frank Lampard’s Everton’s Frank Lampard



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1.Man City 




5.Man Utd


7.West Ham

8. Aston Villa

9. Crystal Palace

10. Newcastle 


11. Brighton

12. Wolves

13. Leicester 

14. Everton

15. Notts Forest

16. Brentford

17. Southampton

18. Leeds Utd

19. Fulham

20. Bournemouth


Top scorer Haaland


Marco Silva first manager sacked. 





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18 minutes ago, Kopparberg said:

You don’t think Chelsea will make the top 4 ?


I think they might be due an implosion season tbh… and they need a striker… depends on who else they sign I guess

It is quite a bold prediction considering Chelsea’s usual consistency and how flaky Spurs and Arsenal are, but I think they both look like their squads are more settled at this moment in time, whereas Chelsea still have quite a bit of work to do.

Arsenal have done some really good business signing Jesus and Zinchenko in particular, and the centre half Saliba coming back from Marseille looks like a player, although their squad lacks a bit of depth. I think it’ll be between them and Chelsea for 4th. Spurs have a proper top class manager and I think he’ll be the difference, but they’ll all be some way off the well-oiled City and Liverpool machines again. 

Quite a few of Chelsea’s key players are over 30 and I think the World Cup will have an impact on them — the older heads like Silva, Azpilicueta, Kante and even Koulibaly (who I think will be a good player for them) will be thinking this could be their last World Cup and won’t want to miss it through injury, plus the strain of additional games, travelling, etc. As you say though, much could change depending on who they sign in the next few weeks. Just looks at this stage that they’ve still got a fair bit of work to do in comparison

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1 City

2 Liverpool

3 Spurs ( bear with me)*

4 Arsenal

5 Chelsea

6 West Ham

7 Man United


* Spurs to take advantage of a weird season and go on a great run in 2nd half of season to lead for a few weeks then implode.


Top Scorer: Kane


First manager sacked: Lampard



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Top 4: City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea


Relegated: Fulham, Bournemouth, Leeds


Left field bet: Nottingham Forest to finish higher than Leicester.


Top Scorer: Salah


First sacking: Scott Parker


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1 Liverpool

2 City

3 Chelsea

4 Spurs 

5 United 

6 Newcastle

7 Arsenal

8 Brighton

9 Villa

10 West Ham

11 Leicester 

12 Forest

13 Palace

14 Southampton 
15 Brentford 

16 Leeds

17 Wolves

18 Fulham

19 Everton

20 Bournemouth


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5 minutes ago, Ever the pessimist said:






Man U



Wolves to go down


Forest and Palace to exceed expectations 


I think Wolves could be in the dog fight all season. Gradual decline over the last couple of seasons. Neves gives them just about enough. Can’t believe he’s still their. Wonderful footballer 

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1. Liverpool 

2. Man City

3. Man Utd 

4. Tottenham 

5. Arsenal 

6. Chelsea 

7. Newcastle 

8. West Ham 

9. Aston Villa 

10. Everton 

11. Leicester 

12. Crystal Palace 

13. Wolves

14. Brighton 

15. Nottingham Forest 

16. Brentford 

17. Southampton 

18. Fulham 

19. Leeds

20. Bournemouth

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10 hours ago, beswetherick said:


Top 4: Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal


Relegated: Forest, Leeds, Bournemouth


Outlandish prediction: Fulham to stay up /Conte gone by Xmas 


Top scorer: Haaland


Best new signing: Gabriel Jesus


Worst new signing: One of Evertons


First manager to be sacked: Jesse Marche



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