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ENGLAND Women win the 2022 Euros

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That joy, that way of playing, both England and Germany and every other team and supporters..that is what football should be about!


This is what modern football should be about!



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I haven’t had much interest in the tournament to be honest but if the mens game can learn anything from the womens it’s that maybe this shows what a team can achieve when a nation gets behind it with total positivity. The truth is that I don’t think anyone would dare publicly slate a female footballer in the way people ritually criticise male players, and just maybe that psychological freedom enabled them to do their jobs to the best of their availability, something the mens team rarely does. 

Wont happen of course, but be great if it did 

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7 minutes ago, kopman9 said:

Might be unpopular but ..... MEH

..it might be unpopular, it might be fishing ..but ..what a sad sad man. Fancy a big long snog with my tongue down your throat? lol 

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My whatsapp work chat response...


Fair play to them, really good game and deserved result.

Still a long way behind the men's game, but the advances the girls game has made in a short amount of time is amazing.

This win will hopefully result in more money coming into the women's game and that inturn will see the standard continue to rise.

Never thought I'd say it, but I now believe that women's football, one day soon could stand alone from the men's game.

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1 minute ago, @owlstalk said:

One thing the womens game definitely could end up doing is attracting those fans who are sick to death of the neanderthals that attend mens football 


Loads of fans milling around and mingling, no fighting, no abuse. So refreshing.

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