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Welcome back MiLord.

Great start from you to the new season.

On time and on message.

Well done. 

Same from the team and we're well on the way.


And God Bless us, everyone. 

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4 minutes ago, Prendo's boots said:

Hi all - Well here we go - and the season starts on my birthday too - Get on it from the word go Wednesday and let's start as we mean to go on and get a real feelgood factor around the place... COME ONNNNN!!! 

Happy birthday Prendo

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Welcome Back`LS and we hope all is well in the Family. Need to set out our intentions at`3pm today by beating Pompey. Though i reckon this will be a much`tigher affair than back`in May.2-1 Win to the Owls. COME ON WEDNESDAY.

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And so begins the long marathon of optimism, euphoria, despair, fury, elation, confusion, blame, worship….have I missed anything out ?

Nice to have you back Snoots, hope that you were careful in the heatwave sunshine.

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