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Wednesday fans banned from buying a season ticket?

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Not the sort of story we wanted on the eve of a new season.


For me, just a bit more dialogue and openness from the club with regards to refunds and this whole situation could’ve been avoided I think.


The article states the guy emailed the club around 7 times and was ignored. Surely had the club just replied to him (and others like him), explaining that refunding fans was a priority but due to the amounts involved and finances, they were struggling to do so but fans would be refunded as soon as possible, then I reckon most fans would’ve been ok with that.


This situation was avoidable and has become a real PR gaff at a time when some fans were starting to give the chairman a bit if credit for the first time in a while.

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1 minute ago, @owlstalk said:

Liam Dooley - if you're reading this - please please just stop these spats with the fans

It's hurting our club, creating bad PR, and it's all totally unneccessary


Just sell the guys season tickets and welcome them back


Liam can’t do anything Neil, It’s DC, I’m afraid.

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Just now, 0114 said:

I am dumbfounded with how many are siding with the club over this on Twitter. 

The way Wednesday handled the refunds was beyond poor. 



And you know those saying 'good' etc would kick off if it were them involved or if any company treat THEM like that

That's why I don't take them seriously

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Owlstalk Shop




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Just now, the golden bullen said:





Why would you take your own club to court? Just pettiness 


Why would you treat your own fans like that, many of whom have put in thousands and thousands over the years.... 

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