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Moment of Truth - BBC Sounds Series

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Has anyone listened to these? Hammered through them, thoroughly enjoyed it.


Paul Warne and Karl Robinson micd up towards the end of the season.


Warne seems like a nice bloke. Bit Brent like in places. Robinson seems a decent bloke but annoying as hell when in manager mode. 


Really good insights into the toll that the pressure takes on managers and the impact that it then has on their families


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8 minutes ago, NorfolkNChance said:

Cheers, will give this a whirl. I'm a bit true crimed out podcast wise at the moment so looking for alternatives 

Really enjoyed it.


Be interesting as to what you make of the two managers.

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3 episodes down 


Feels a bit repetitive tbh and finding the non-manager dialogue a bit hard to follow 


I really like the concept so I hope it improves but so far it’s mainly just Warne and Robinson saying the same thing on repeat 


Hopefully it improves because at the moment it’s just a bit repetitive. Loads of times with the managers saying pretty much the same thing over and over


I want to hear more of the tactical discussion and inner workings but basically it’s just the managers telling us over and over how it affects them


I find it a bit repetitive tbh so far.

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