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Tonight team

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Second game Smith has missed. Seems the ‘tightness’ DM talked about last week is a tad more serious. Hopefully he’s back for the next one - I’m sure DM will br asked about it after.
Really highlights the lack of game-changing options off the bench though, and the lack of cover at centre back

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Is that 2 keepers on the bench, is Stockdale carrying an injury?


Seem very short up front not willing to give one of the development squad a chance to stake a claim. Cant be any worse than Paterson.😋😋

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12 minutes ago, Tommy Tinman said:

JJJ keep you comments to yourself mate , pathetic  or what 


If we've no idea what you are referring to, then how do you expect people to comment? You should have posted the line-up so we all knew what it was you were referring to.


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1 minute ago, 0114 said:

Last season Smith played 54 games & Ihiekwe 52. 

Less than 1 month at Wednesday and looks like they’re both injured :laugh:

really is unbelievable. Let’s just hope they aren’t long term and just a precaution. Be interesting what Moore says after the game. 

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3 hours ago, WalthamOwl said:

Bit worrying the 2 lads from Rotherham miss out. Surely not injured already? Completely agree about the bench. Just looking at the side I really don’t think it looks any stronger than last seasons. 

Doesn't need to be much stronger just more consistent. Last year's squad should have won the league 

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