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What Plans do we have for these two players

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It is one thing complaining that someone does not get a chance in the first team if you have seen the evidence of their ability when actually playing for the first team. I thought we were guilty of not using Joao enough at times after I had seen him play well for the first team. I also thought the same about David Hirst when Colin West was getting in the team ahead of him.

It is a completely different thing though to want players to get minutes that have shown nothing other than they are short of first team standard. Yes they are capable of improving but if they were showing sufficient improvement in training then they would either be loaned out to a decent League or get minutes in our first team. I've seen little from either Galvin or Hunt to suggest they should be ahead of players that have loads of League 1 or Championship experience when they have played for the first team.

They may come good at some stage but they need to prove that in training before getting a chance at a side chasing automatic promotion. Football is littered with players who it wasn't the right time for at their original clubs who have gone on to make it. It is just one of those things. Clubs have to play the players that give them the best chance of obtaining points. Injuries or safety in mid table can give these players opportunities they wouldn't normally get and sometimes they progress rapidly. Unfortunately we have been in a relegation battle and a play off chase which means we have had to play our best and most experienced players. We have not had the luxury of meaningless fixtures to give these players development games. That hopefully is unlikely to change this season (at the top end of the table of course).

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On 20/07/2022 at 07:10, shezzas left peg said:

Bazza isn't getting any younger ,so For me with the extra subs now there's no reason if we're a couple of goals up we can't rest him in games were in control of and give the likes of fizz or hunt a good 30-40 mins of game time off the bench regularly. Hopefully it will help them improve and keep Bazza fresher.

We need to start giving youth a chance or how do you know.

It’s a fair point and I don’t think we are a one man team but in the few games when Bannan came off last season we looked clueless…

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On 20/07/2022 at 09:12, shezzas left peg said:

With Galvin we could make him Johnons understudy ,get him training with him and give him minutes time off the bench . The wingback position is one of those less crucial ones where a lapse in consent ration or a mistake is less likely to be punished .

But we just loaned another left wing back for the season... 

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