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Derby Signings

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Horrible dirt 


he never actually risked any of his own money, it was all loans taken out in the clubs name and never paid back 


he never even had the stadium jet cleaned during his whole time here, it was a cess pit and we could never understand why when he was supposedly a rich bloke ffs. Clowes has already forked out for the stadium being cleaned up and it looks a bit better on the outside at least. 

But the club has been dragged through the dirt because of that piece of sh!t and its its going to linger for years eso after ripping off local businesses. 

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6 minutes ago, WalthamOwl said:

Just looking at Derbys line up for todays game and have to say it looks very strong. Definitely think they will be challenging at the top next season unfortunately. 

Personally think it looks decidedly average and the bench looks shocking. 


People going on about them like they're the best team ever to be in the 3rd tier. 


They've signed a couple of good but ageing players like we did last time we were down here. Meh. 


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On 17/07/2022 at 23:53, DCFCOwls said:

Theres no we arent oaying less than 15k a week for Hourihane though


Huddersfield were in for him and they offered him a good contract and he chose to drop another league for us sorry Im not buying this “Im here for the challenge” rubbish, hes 31 and is thinking about his returement, hes got to be earning more than 20k a week surely? 

Same with Chester and to a lesser degree McGoldrick as well, theres just no way theyre willing to drop down a league for less money whem they had offers elsewhere 


you can see the frustration from clubs in this league, the only defence is at least we have a good fanbase and merch sales etc, but under the plan weve signed its clearly not adding in wages we can offer.



Hourihane, Chester, McGoldrick, Barkhuizen, Collins heck even Mendez Laing will all be on a pretty penny and probably won't be far off what they were earning previously - will all come in bonuses though, standard wage of 2k to fit the wage budget, then paid handsomely in bonuses each week - how many club get around restrictions

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