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Half a million pound bid REJECTED

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Think we can all see the potential with Fis, and he's not your typical midfielder so I think there will always be a demand for a player like him.


I know Chansiri gets a lot of stick for keeping players for too long, but I'd be sorting his contract out asap and giving him at least another two seasons to fulfil his potential.


What would make us cash in? Probably him saying he wants to leave, even then I think we can get over a £1million.

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I don’t think this one is down to Chansiri not selling because of price. The way things are in the new set up surely it’s Moore wanting to keep him as he is in his plans for the squad.

like someone else has said, we should give him to the end of the month to agree a new contract otherwise then we start negotiating with the teams who want him

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Guest FoxOwl12

This lads going to be a beast of a player and we should move heaven and earth to keep him. I'm sure Darren Moore knows this as well.

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