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Would you pay these prices if/when we’re in the prem league

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Growing up I remember Orient coming into school and flogging season tickets for a tenner out the back of a van.  Great days... price put me off a bit though.


I couldn't justify paying anything like that for a ticket, Premier League... Champions League or World Cup.  At the end of the day, it's a game.  When you're having to double check every item you're sticking in the basket and you've got kids to feed and clothe... it ain't happening.


There was a time I would have loved us to be back in the Prem.  When you had he likes of Henry there, Shearer still doing his thing, Drogba... but now, I actually think the league ain't as exciting to watch as it was.  I'd say the mid 2000's was actually its peak.  The Championship is easily my favourite because it's an absolute arse to compete... tough as hell and entertaining.  You start selling tickets at silly prices and I'd probably start watching local non league.

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If/when/if Wednesday ever make it back to the top flight then I'm sure to take renewed interest in that league

And that also goes for European and international competitions


But right now - and this is no joke - I'm far more interested in what happens in the National League and NL North


I'm more impressed by the crowd numbers attending games in the 5th & 6th tier than how many folks are prepared

to pay stupid money to go watch the current "elite"

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