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Would you pay these prices if/when we’re in the prem league

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For a one off event yes i would pay that amount, for a regular game no just not value for money in my eyes. 

Premier League prices are getting to the same cost as a decent seat at a West End show, and you wouldn't go to a show every other week. 

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They'll try to justify it with how much things like gig tickets are to see top bands etc. 


But youre not going to go to 19 of them in an 8 month spell are ya? Well quite unlikely anyway, 


At least if you pay £65-90 for a gig you know its genuinely going to be mega. £65-90 for a football ticket to more likely get kicked in the nuts and be let down 🤣

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Visiting from over here as a once every few years game I'd pay that much to see Wednesday (cost me that much 30 years ago for LC Final and again for Cardiff and I only lived in the Channel Islands then!). But if I lived in the UK and were attending games regularly, just no way.

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It’s vulgar

It goes further than a match day ticket

its indicative of a wider problem…. Football is being taken further away from the man on the street

Its morally wrong.

Ok it’s just my opinion but I wouldn’t pay it if I was loaded . 

We’re in the middle of a cost of living crisis and Fulhams answer is charge that


To be fair I wouldn’t buy a season ticket at Fulham for that price

Wednesday will be playing them next season


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10 minutes ago, parkfieldowl14 said:

Ah, That proberly explains the disturbing rise in Foot in the Mouth cases at the Sty and also Swine Flu. lol

We know what it's like with all them oinking at ht at breeding together over a pint of swill.....

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On 08/07/2022 at 21:40, Utah Owl said:

Bloody hell, I'm glad you're not my accountant!


590k + 250k = 840K!!!!!!



For some perverse reason I can’t work out, the metro area excludes Stocksbridge, Maltby, Anston/Dinnington and the Dearness valley towns.

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