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Would you pay these prices if/when we’re in the prem league

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What I would say is I bet they sell out it only holds about 25,000


we would have averaged that in league one last season if we had better away support in Hillsborough


If our ground held as little as that I bet we would sell out on the opening game in league one in Sheffield at £50 plus a ticket


if the clubs looking to maximise revenue they’ve basically to sell every single seat for as much as they can


and my guess is even at those prices they will sell out

I’m not debating if it’s right or not. And it’s out pricing some people but if every seat is sold that’s effectively job done if every seat is sold at a premium even better ( financially for the club )  

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Absolutely not, and not condoning it in any way but, I bet if you took a cross section of a number of their fans and other fans OUTSIDE London, they’d probably have a larger amount of disposable income even in a cost of living crisis than other areas of the country. 

Still disgusting prices however you look at it. 

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No, but then I wouldn't pay to watch premier League football anyway.


I'm not interested in EPL, it's about brands not football clubs and have no desire to do a 6hr round trip to watch my team lose most weeks. 

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The football fan that buys the season ticket, wear the shirt, is not value anymore.


we are viewed as cash cows to milk when the team needs money. 


20,000 fans paying up to £50 a game so players can be paid millions for 57 hours work a year (90 mins x 38 games).


Modern football in this country is simple fuelled by Greed. But as long as there a mug to pay these prices nothing will change.

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No and nor should anyone.... its the blind loyalty/stupidity of us in all high level football not protesting against this that keeps it where it is and rising. Also all those who pay so much for sky etc.... all willing participants in making ghem unbelievable rich for kicking a ball around and worse thise leaches that are agents.

We only have our collective selves to blame for allowing it to get so out of hand.

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I think it’s worth breaking it down 


Craven cottage holds 25,700

the away allocation is 1,600

they have sold out there allocation of 15,000 season ticket holders 


that leaves 9,100 tickets to sell


On the opening game of a premier league season against Liverpool in London I bet they could sell them all at £80 a ticket 


not condoning it but it’s supply and demand if there’s a shortage of tickets they go to the highest bidder it happens in just about everything 

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It's happening in other sports, too....


Logged in to book tickets for the T20 Finals day to see Yorkshire... £89, thank you very much (plus £20 for a car park about a mile away from the ground).


Might be worth it if Yorkshire win their semi against Hampshire but driving down the Edgbaston for an 11am start and perhaps a stuffing doesn't sound like value for money to me.


I'll watch it on telly or read the scores on Cricinfo instead, thanks.

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